Principles of POSH Culture

Company Culture is the sum-total of an organization’s personality, balanced with its character and integrated through habits and values. Culture is expressed by an organization’s key characteristics that inform attitudes and behaviors with clients, vendors, partners and employees.

Anything is Posh Able! We exist to create impactful events and image building experiences with passion and style to help our clients prosper and our community flourish. We’ve centered our existence around Five Principles of POSH CULTURE.

  1. A Culture of Excitement - We build excitement about events, brands and missions. It's what we do! Our delivery system for excitement will vary depending on our relationship with our client or partner, but can take the form event planning, public relations, community engagement, strategic partnership development, event marketing, tons of ways we show value but at the core of it all is our ability to create and share excitement.

    2. A Culture of Connectivity -  We connect people, places and ideas. As part of our IMAGE Building services we build strategic marketing and community partnerships. And for fun, we host the popular Ten Interesting People Lunch.

    3. A Culture of Caring -  Philanthropy is our marketing plan. Instead of spending money on marketing we allocate resources to assist Central Florida charities by providing FREE Event Planning and Public Relations services through our nonprofit, Posh Abilities. While we are working for FREE, we are expanding our network, learning new things and making friends with some of the most amazing and interesting people in Orlando.

    4. Culture of Efficiency - In 2016 we ended our 3 year lease on our oh-so-Posh office and took the lead to a virtual office environment. This combined with some creative streamlining of resources has allowed us to increase company productivity by nearly 45% and reduces our environmental footprint.

    5. A Culture of Character - We love everything about Orlando and act as enthusiastic ambassadors for our clients and community partners. You can follow the fun on the Orlando Newsroom BLOG, where Posh Able Paula reports on Interesting People and Exciting Places in Central Florida.