An Empowering Night of Laughter

Have you heard the one about the giraffe, the fashion model and the chocolate cupcake? Insert a punch line here and you would have a joke. A joke is on one end of the humor spectrum and stand-up comedy is on the other. Jokes are fun and free - take one and pass it along.  Performing stand-up comedy, on the other hand, is about telling a story, it's about painting a satirical picture of the world as you see it - then desperately hoping that you can convey it in a humorous enough way that someone (anyone) will emit laughter (or at least not throw things at you while you are on the stage).  

What makes something funny?  A thing is funny because either it is true (and we see ourselves in it), because it could never be true (it's too outrageous) or because we may be under the influence (hence the two-drink minimum at most comedy clubs). 

I grew up with a professional comedian as a father. So I learned early on that there was a special magic in the ability to make someone laugh - laughter is powerful and comedy is connection. Having done stand-up comedy myself, I can report that it's the most terrifyingly awesome thing that anyone can do in terms of taking life to the next level and getting out of your comfort zone

Because comedy has empowered me in my life and because I think getting out of your comfort zone is mandatory - I wanted to offer other women a platform to feel the peak level of aliveness that only comes from stand-up comedy. So, I created An Empowering Night of Laughter bringing together an energetic room full of empowered and philanthropic women for a hilarious night of laughter. 

Join some of Orlando's most empowering and hilarious women at The Abbey in downtown Orlando on Thursday, January 24th (6pm) for an Empowering Night of Laughter - an "unprofessional" stand-up comedy experience. Be Witness to empowerment in action as nine Fearlessly Funny Women "get out of your comfort zones" and take center stage to perform a five-minute comedic routine - which they have written themselves.  

Our Fearlessly Funny women are stepping outside of their comfort zones, for some real next-level empowerment. During the 90 days leading up to an Empowering Night of Laughter (on January 24th at the Abbey) - our comedians will be developing their comedy routine and participating in writing and stage coaching workshops. Here is the lineup:

  • Patty Sheehan
  • Tisse Mallon
  • Paula Wyatt
  • Amy Selikoff
  • Christina Rordam
  • Kristy Alonso
  • Joyce Mallon
  • Aimee LeCours
  • Johanna Clark
This hilariously empowering evening is hosted by News13 Anchor, Ybeth Bruzual. During the show you'll meet our three Empresses of Empowerment-  who will answer the question, "How Has Having a Sense of Humor Empowered me to be Successful in Life."  Meet our Empresses: 
  • Kay Rawlins - Vice President of Community Relations Orlando City Soccer Club and Foundation President
  • Moira - Orlando's Favorite Jewish Mother and the voice we all love from Real Radio
  • Heather Wilkie Executive Director - Zebra Coalition - Supporting and Inspiring LGBTQ+ Youth
Our pre-event Empowerment Mixer (6pm) features your chance to mingle with our three charity partners (Orlando City Soccer Foundation, Zebra Coalition, A Gift for Teaching) who are on the front lines empowering women in the Central Florida community. 

Tickets are $30 each and include reserved seating for the show, valet parking and an all-access pass to the pre-event empowerment mixer and post-event cast party.