Orlando invites residents and travelers alike to experience life in thrilling and unexpected ways

From the theatrically manicured hospitality side of town to the organically crafted local arts and entertainment scene. Central Florida is a creative city alive with a seemingly endless array of interesting people to know and exciting places to explore. 

Practically everyone knows that Central Florida is home to the world's greatest theme parks. This comes with billions of dollars in infrastructure that set the stage for travelers to experience Central Florida. As many beaming-with-pride native Floridians will do, I tend to reserve my consumption of theme park awesomeness to seasonally inspired events such as: Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights or Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts - a celebration of food, art and entertainment.

I get to spend a joyfully increasing amount of my time on the organic side of the city, embedded in the locally-energized arts and cultural scene. As part of my career/passion (as Chief Excitement Officer at Anything is Posh Able) I build art events, fashion shows and organize fundraising events to support arts and cultural organizations in Central Florida. So, I can forget that not everyone is aware of the budding counter culture of creativity that is: Orlando. If you are new to Orlando or a long-time resident who is looking to connect with your artful side, here are some people, places and things that I believe make Orlando an imaginatively artful place to experience life. 

    Paula Wyatt Orlando Newsroom BLOG Anything is Posh Able Excitement
  • Snap Orlando! is boldly increasing the visibility and appreciation of the photographic medium as a significant cultural art form in the City Beautiful. Founder Patrick Kahn has been described as a cultural risk-taker fostering an emerging awareness of Orlando as Culture. Patrick is a favorite friend who serves as part of my company's  Advisory Panel.

  • Downtown Orlando Arts District - Nestled in the City of Orlando, the Downtown Arts District is a hip, active, and vibrant artistic community offering something for everyone. Whether it’s museums in the morning, painting by day, or movies and martinis at midnight, the Arts District’s friendly and energetic vibe is up early and stays out late.

  • United Arts of Central Florida - Now in their 28th year of service to our community, United Arts has invested more than $141 million in local arts and culture organizations and education. They believe that art, music, science, dance, history and theater matter… for our children, for our economy and for our community!

  • Culture Builds Florida The Florida Division of Cultural Affairs is Florida's state arts agency. They believe arts and culture support jobs, tourism and education while contributing to a vibrant and creative Florida.
Paula Wyatt Orlando Newsroom BLOG Anything is Posh Able Excitement