Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone - Empowerment in Action - Fearlessly Funny Women

Empowerment was in the air as some of Orlando's most empowering and hilarious women gathered at The Abbey in downtown Orlando on Thursday, January 24, 2019 for the inaugural Empowering Night of Laughter brought to you by Posh Able Events - where Anything is Posh Able. The evening was an "unprofessional" stand-up comedy experience - intended to inspire all of us to be fearless in getting out of our comfort zones.

A SOLD OUT crowd was witness to empowerment in action as nine Fearlessly Funny Women "got out of their comfort zones" and took center stage to perform a five-minute comedic routine - which they had written themselves. They were joined by our 3 Empresses of Empowerment (Heather Wilkie, Real Radio Moira and Kaia Forget) who rocked the house their passion-filed stories of how having a sense of humor in life has empowered them. Thank you to Ybeth Bruzual, Spectrum News13 Anchor, who led the evening with her signature style of awesome.

The evening recognized three local nonprofit organizations (Orlando City Foundation, Zebra Coalition, A Gift For Teaching) who are on the front lines empowering people in the Central Florida community to live their best lives. A special thank you to Bay Hill Jewelers for "bringing the glam" at the Bay Hill Jewelers Styling Station.  Thank you to Orlando Magazine and the Orlando News Room blog for your in-print and online coverage of event.

The inspiration behind An Empowering Night of Laughter is Paula Wyatt, Orlando Enthusiast and Chief Excitement Officer at Anything is Posh Able (Events, Image Building and Philanthropy) - who already has partnerships in place for the 2nd Annual Empowering Night of Laughter set for January 2020.

"I grew up with a professional comedian as a father. So I learned early on that there was a special magic in the ability to make someone laugh - laughter is powerful and comedy is connection. Having done stand-up comedy myself, I can report that it's the most terrifyingly awesome thing that anyone can do in terms of taking life to the next level and getting out of your comfort zone. Because comedy has empowered me in my life and because I think getting out of your comfort zone should be mandatory - I wanted to offer other women a platform to feel the peak level of aliveness that only comes from stand-up comedy. So, I created An Empowering Night of Laughter - bringing together an energetic room full of empowered and philanthropic women for a hilarious night of laughter."

The take away is - get out of your comfort zone, try new things, take risks....and most importantly don't forget to LAUGH