Bronze Kingdom Voted Orlando's Best Gallery...provides update on expansion plans.


ORANGE COUNTY, FL – On Thursday, August 1st, 2019, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Bronze Kingdom will host a free Champagne toast at their Gallery in Orlando Fashion Square Mall, to celebrate being voted Orlando's Best Art Gallery, by Orlando Magazine readers.  This toast will be followed by an update on their plans to move to International Drive as they further expand Orlando's Cultural tourism offerings. The community is invited. 

Bronze Kingdom is a two-year old African Art gallery that houses the largest collection of African bronzes in the world. Located in the heart of Orlando, it’s collection consists of over 4,000 exquisitely- crafted pieces from over 29 different countries from the continent of Africa, including Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso and more. Collector, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Mr. Rawlvan R. Bennett acquired many of the pieces displayed in the Bronze Kingdom gallery over the past 40 years directly from African leaders through cultivated relationships, respectful negotiations, building schools, hospitals, bridges and more for West African communities.   Rawlvan and his wife, Iantress, when choosing where in America they would move to after working in Africa, chose Orlando.   

Directly after the move, the overzealous couple set up the gallery in a remote location, close to the Orlando Airport. The first location of the gallery was small, isolated and difficult for clients to find. These were all major concerns for their new marketing team, GGR Marketing and PR.  "We had a relationship with Orlando Fashion Square Mall, where we have an extensive history creating events. We felt it was imperative that the gallery move to a location that was easier to find and larger.   We connected the two parties and within two months, Bronze Kingdom had a new address and were up and ready." Said, GGR's CEO, Guenet Gittens-Roberts.  

Gallery owners Rawlvan and Iantress and their marketing team worked closely with local artists, performers and events teams to create an engaging space that is steeped in culture, history and a tribute to Africa and the Pan African diaspora.   The gallery, through it's programming, created a link with Africa that emotionally moves many who visit it as they are shown their roots. Before all of us were anything else, we were all first African. We are dedicated to showcasing "One World in Unison. We are all one people, branches of the same tree.

 As West African Queen Diambi, who visited the Gallery, said " Africa is more than the cradle of civilization, it is the house, school, university,  and more...We have evidence of hundreds of thousands of years of our Nile Valley and other civilized history..." She went on to say, "you have started to share with the world what we came to America to share.  African history has been told by the Europeans, however now, Bronze Kingdom is correcting the narrative and setting the record straight.  You are providing the platform for the people of Africa to tell their story." During that visit a King said “ Our ancestors reside here, you are telling our story.”
Bronze Kingdom has fostered a developing appreciation of Africa through their unique exhibitions. With the use of African performances, they intend to add virtual reality encounters of real people in Africa’s past and present lives of today.  It is  presenting gallery patrons an immersive education experience in African history & culture in an exciting and refreshing way. It  allows African history that was preserved to be remembered, revisited and retold in a way that has not been done for the Africans in the Diaspora or anywhere in the world. 
For Orlando Magazine readers to understand and appreciate the gallery after only one year, says that the Bennett's were correct to choose this multicultural melting pot to launch their gallery.
"We have only just begun!  We will continue working together to make Orlando a very attractive destination for people of all ages to experience the history of people of Africa and the Diaspora," said, Rawlvan Bennett.  
Bronze Kingdom is in the process of moving to International Drive and will be enriching the cultural tourism portion of a visit to Orlando with an immersive African cultural experience.   "We will be expanding.  Currently only half (½) of our inventory is being displayed.  This year, we became a 501c3, and are in the process of converting to a Museum Attraction.  We will be providing a Restaurant & Bar onsite – providing an African Culinary Experience, creating African Based virtual rides and a 3D Interactive Museum Experience where the art comes alive.  We are especially proud of our plans for a Performing Arts Center where we will present all things of the African Diaspora –Dance, Theater, Music, Literature and all things Cultural, tracing our roots in Africa and our culture around the African Diaspora." He continued in a recent statement. 

"We envision the world will place this among the seminal attractions in North America. It is designed to delight and amaze local neighbors, students, scholars and world travelers for generations to come.  I thought that I had made my mark on  world history with Essence Magazine, but with Bronze Kingdom museum, I have the opportunity to be a part of a project that changes the perception of African Americans and the way they see themselves twice in a lifetime.  It is my mission to share Bronze Kingdom with the world." Said Jonathan Sebastian Blount, who provided the conceptual inspiration and was Founding Chair and President  of Essence Magazine and VP, Business Development, GGR Marketing & PR. 

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