Ideas are FREE-ish - to share or not to share?

In our world of seamless connectivity to countless concepts, creating content has never been easier. Whether you are creating a blog, planning an event or launching a brand - access to data, trends and ideas is essential. Some say that ideas are free, you either create them yourself or add your own twist to someone else’s concept. 

But as far as original thought leaders go, there seem to be two general schools of thought: 

1. Ideas are NOT FREE - Safeguard ideas at all costs. Don't share them with anyone. Your job security and value to your clients is centered around your ideas.

2. Ideas are FREE - Learn. Share. Repeat. Teach what you need to learn. Learn what you need to teach. It's in nailing the execution that you show your true value.

Let's face it, how many original ideas are still left in the universe anyway? When building a Company Culture platform, who hasn't glanced at Google's Culture of Success doctrine. Or in building a Corporate Social Responsibility program, who hasn’t toggled over to Whole Food’s Conscious Capitalism platform. I think ideas are Free-ish. The information is out there, why not become an expert at what you do, share the information with anyone who will listen. Build your brand. Start a blog. Donate your time to charity. 

As an IMAGE Building Consultant - I give away ideas all the time. Because I think if you have amazing ideas that can help someone grow their business or raise money for their nonprofit - I say share those ideas and let your contribution be in the translation and the execution of those concepts - that's the real value– that’s what people pay for.

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