Rules for Raffles and Drawings in the State of Florida

According to the current statues posted by the official website for the Florida Legislature: a "drawing by chance,” “drawing,” or “raffle” means an enterprise in which, from the entries submitted by the public to the organization conducting the drawing, one or more entries are selected by chance to win a prize. An organization that is exempt from federal income taxation may conduct a drawing of chance, pursuant to the authority granted by this section if the organization complies with a list of items.

Don't let the potentially confusing information about raffle tickets and drawings of chance stop your Central Florida nonprofit organization from using this valuable tool to make money for your cause. Your organization will need to develop, publish and share rules on your promotion and if you are not using a professional event planner, you will want to read the statues COMPLETELY to ensure you are in compliance. There are swift penalties if you do not. But here are the primary points that Posh Able Events use when creating and running Raffles in the State of Florida.

  1. Create the rules document based on the FULL criteria in the statue
  2. Publish a PDF version on your website and have copies on-site in printed format
  3. All brochures, advertisements, notices, tickets disclose this website.
  4. The rules governing the conduct and operation of the drawing, name of the organization, and its principal place of business.
  5. The date, hour, and place where the winner will be chosen and the prizes will be awarded, unless the brochures, advertisements, notices, tickets, or entry blanks are not offered to the public more than 3 days prior to the drawing.
  6. State that no purchase or contribution is necessary.
  7. The winner may not be predetermined by means of matching, instant win, or preselected sweepstakes
  8. Statues say we can NOT require an entry fee or donation rather we should suggest a minimum donation
  9. Do NOT arbitrarily remove or disqualify any entry or discriminate in any manner
  10. Award Prizes and Post Winners on Your Web Page and Social Media